Boho Deco, new MA, and a host of other developments

I think I remember that a visual artist somewhere made a video piece by trawling the internet for blog posts that started with the phrase “OMG, I haven’t posted for soooo long!” and variations on that kind of a statement, so I’m going to avoid saying that… but gosh, I never meant for it be so long between entries…

Not that I’ve been idle. I’ve posted some new audio on the Listen page, including my most recent piece Bohemian Deconstruction, commissioned as part of the Polyartistry/Opera Australia collaboration Polyopera – a project designed to re-invent 3 classic operas from Opera Australia’s 2011 mainstage season for the internet generation.

With a libretto put together by writer David Finnigan from lines and suggestions submitted via Twitter, it was a really interesting process – and a treat to work with artists from Opera Australia.

I was asked to write a feature article about my part in Bohemian Deconstruction for Resonate, the Australian Music Centre’s online magazine. It was great to be able to write for them, as I was actually only admitted to associate artist status at the start of the year, which was good news and about time… I’d been putting off applying for representation for about 15 years! The AMC is the national service organisation dedicated to the promotion and support of new Australian music and the staff there – led by the indefatigable John Davis – have always been very supportive of me and my work, so it’s been good to formalise the relationship and start to lodge my back-catalogue of pieces with them.

This and all other projects have been necessarily fitted in around my writing and production duties for the new MA album, which has finally been mixed and mastered and is awaiting release pending all the other stuff – cover art, videos, distribution agreements, licensing, etc which now fill my every waking moment. But the good news is that it sounds fantastic, I’m very pleased with the result and think it has legs… it’s called Dance Until My Heart Breaks and quite frankly, I may!

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